Futures Order

This order type is returned when placing or creating new orders on Perpetual Futures contracts on Blankly.

This can be printed to yield a unique string. This allows an easy overview of the order.


Assign the object returned from an interface order to a variable:

order = interface.market_order('BTC-USD', 'buy', 10)
print(order.id, order.price)


symbolThe trading pair for the orderstr
idThe order ID returned by the exchangeint
sizeThe size of the order. This is negative for a short position.float
statusThe order status. (ex: 'open', 'filled', 'canceled')OrderStatus
typeThe order type. (ex: 'market', 'limit', 'take_profit', etc)OrderType
sideThe side of the order. (ex: 'sell', 'buy')Side
priceThe price at which the order executed at, or 0 if it hasn't yet.float
limit_priceFor limit, take profit, and stop loss orders, the limit or execution price.float
time_in_forceTime in Force value for non-market orders.TimeInForce
responseThe response object from the exchange.dict
interfaceThe interface this order was placed or queried from.FuturesExchangeInterface